Granite Ridge Angus Stud

Maternal Power

“Our belief is that the driving force of our herd is the depth of the maternal power in the pedigree of each animal.

This gives you confidence to buy due to the predictability of the results you will obtain with each purchase, whether it be females, bulls, semen or embryos.”

 – Colin Flanagan, Stud Master



  • Ease of Calving
  • Explosive Growth
  • Growth continues through to 600 days
  • Capacity & Length
  • Carcase quality
  • Temperament
  • Structurally Sound

“We breed for an animal that will meet the requirements of all markets.”

Granite Ridge is…

a dedicated Angus Stud with Colin Flanagan and Pat Ebert being hands on owners, who together with Alistair (Haggis) Watson and his family, run an intensive operation on 2800 acres in the lower South East of South Australia.

The home of ROCK SOLID GENETICS in South Australia..