Granite Ridge Angus is the home of “ROCK SOLID GENETICS”

We breed for an animal that will meet the requirements of all markets, from the breeder to the end consumer, as each area along the process must make a profit – weaner, back-grounder, feedlot, abattoir –  and the consumer deserves good eating quality.

  • Ease of Calving
  • Explosive Growth
  • Growth continues through to 600 days
  • Capacity & Length
  • Carcase quality
  • Temperament
  • Sound Structure

EBV’s are important but are only a guide (EBV stands for Estimated Breeding Values), the animal must reflect those EBV’s.

The greatest strength of the Granite Ridge herd is the tremendous maternal power of their females.  When Colin says he is breeding for females and the bulls are the by-product, he means it.  The female is the engine house of the herd.  The improvement and evenness of each drop of calves is reflected in the bull team, year after year, with an ever-rising bar for that top bull and the evenness of all his mates below.  It becomes increasingly harder for any one bull to be a standout, as instead of one or two elite bulls, there are any number that could stand in that elite category.

Many, many hours of research are done, before choosing the bull to mate each cow.  Time spent following pedigrees, checking traits, doing many miles to look at the bull, his progeny and his siblings before making the decision to use him in the herd either by AI or bringing that bull into the herd to mate naturally or to be used for both.

Pedigree strength is all important, as the many generations of information gives you a very reliable outcome in both phenotype and traits.

“There is value for Money in Granite Ridge Bulls, backed by the Granite Ridge Guarantee”.



Granite Ridge places a huge focus on sourcing the right sires, the bulls that will continue the improvement of our herd and therefore the results that you the customer will see in the improvement of your herds, being measured at your time of sale with more $$$$$. We have an impressive line-up of herd sires which are sourced Australia wide as well as some home grown stand-outs, to which we add year on year. We have made four new purchases in 2017 making the future of Granite Ridge breeding very exciting.



The maternal power of our females has improved year after year, built on carefully selected cows from Australia’s top Angus Herds. The sire for each mating is selected to improve and enhance the overall evenness of our cow herd, so that every female has the ability to produce that exceptional calf that continues the improvement of the herd.

Our cow families are numerous, with each family adding to the herd overall.