2018 Sale: Lot 25 Granite Ridge Monroe M154

In December the Angus Society brought in another change to the way EBV’s work together, and we all need to readjust our thinking to work with this.  They have directly incorporated genomics into the EBV’s, giving them greater influence.  We have found that the greatest effect has been in reduced fat and EMA scores.  I have some doubts about the legitimacy of the results as it is again mainly based on one or two herds, making the starting point biased.  It will be difficult to compare figures from past years to the current figures.

Lot 25 Granite Ridge Monroe M154

This young bull has come into his own over the recent time, he is extra-long, and has a strong upright frame which has plenty of space for oodles of meat.  When you view Monroe M154, you will realise he is much better than his figures portray.  If your cow herd needs some extra frame and length, M154 will bring it.  His mum was a true volume cow, who bred well for us.

Monroe M154 has a large EMA, being in the top 30% of the breed and RBY in the top 6% of the breed, meaning there will be a much greater yield of meat, than 94% of other cattle, at time of slaughter.