2018 Sale: Lot 21 Granite Ridge Maximus M32

I can not impress on you enough the importance of not picking your bulls on EBV’s alone.  The values are ESTIMATED.  My belief is that the base line of these EBV’s was flawed right at the beginning, when the large percentage of figures entered were based on only a couple of large herds and not spread evenly over the whole Australian breed.  This to me gives a bias as a starting point.  To top this off until very recently the kill data allowed into EBV’s came from only one source, again creating a bias.  It is so important if you select for figures, that when you look at the animal, it reflects those figures.

I have to point out another Braveheart son, as they are all top notch, you only have to look at Maximus M32 moving to see he is worth a second look.  He is that soft bodied, easy fleshing type of bull, as we would expect from a Granite Ridge For-Profit F148 daughter.

Maximus M32 reflects his growth, carcase weight and RBY figures admirably, being jam packed with meat and muscle.