2018 Sale: Lot 32 Granite Ridge Maximus M124

I started writing this blog because there are so many things that I want to say.  I want you all to know how passionate we are about what we do.  All our time, money and energy go into producing the very best cattle we can, so that you can also breed the very best and profitable cattle you can.

Lot 32 Granite Ridge Maximus M124

There are four Braveheart sons in the 2018 Bull Sale and they are all incredible in their own way, standout bulls.  We used Braveheart over some of our bigger framed cows with great success.  We were hoping to bring some ground hugging thickness to the taller, stretchier frames, the results speak for themselves, total success.

Maximus M124 has such a long, thick, rounded body, he is full of muscle and is structurally very sound and regularly catches the eye, having a little more frame.  He has a scrotal of 46cm, which is in the top 3% of the breed, is well above average for growth, He has a large EMA of +6.7 and being +1.3 for RBY makes him a very handy bull.  He will breed profitability into your herd.