2018 Sale: Lot 5 Granite Ridge Masterpiece M181

We sold some weaner heifers to a large cattle operation last year.  They had bred cattle for many years and believed they had a good herd.  They took these heifers home and ran them with their large group of heifers.  They brought them in and weighed them before mating and were astounded that every one of our heifers outweighed their own girls. These heifers were the ones that did not make it into the Granite Ridge herd.  Weight for age is what we breed for at Granite Ridge.

Lot 5 Granite Ridge Masterpiece M181

A typical Foe son with all the attributes we love.  Lot 5 Granite Ridge Masterpiece M181 has the Foe factor, being that beautifully upstanding, long bodied animal, with good depth of body, being smooth sided and good skinned.  We talk about the animal matching his EBV’s well M181 reflects his figures admirably.  He has tonnes of growth, giving you strong growth from birth to 600 Days, huge scrotal, high milk and good carcase quality.  M181 also has excellent $ Indexes being in the top 5% for all Indexes.  We now have many beautiful and prolific Foe daughters in our herd.

Like I say, Foe over the beautiful Dream cow is a DREAM.

This crop of Foe sons may be the last.