2018 Sale: Lot 44 Granite Ridge Maddox M141

The body of your cattle is all important, for that is where the meat comes from. Cattle that are too long in the leg, cattle that are small and dumpy, cattle that are narrow, these are all cattle that are costing you money. The return on your stock is paid by the kilo so you need an animal that can put as many kilos as possible in that body.  Long, deep and thick.  Our sale Auctioneer, Michael Glasser, said that he is always amazed, at the width across the back of our bulls when he looks over them from up in the rostrum.

Lot 44 Granite Ridge Maddox M141

SAV Ten Percent has given us cattle that are second to none for their great bodies, they are easy doing, deep bodied animals with loads of meat and grunt.  Lot 44 Maddox M141 will not disappoint if you need more grunt in your herd.  Granite Ridge has the only SAV Ten Percent sons to sell in Australia.

A bull to use over those cows that need more bone and muscle and therefore improve your Beef Yield at time of slaughter- these are the cattle that the Abattoirs want.