2018 Sale: Lot 10 Granite Ridge Masterful M95

What is old, can be new again!  Booroomooka Theo is one of those sires that keep popping back up time after time, possibly years apart.  This is because a good sire, always is a good sire, and when we bring him back in over our genetically improved cows, the result can be outstanding.

Lot 10 Granite Ridge Masterful M95

Lot 10 is an ET son of Theo, an old sire, that we bring back into the herd intermittently as he continues to work well with our cattle, always giving us top quality progeny.  Theo is known for his consistency, fat, large scrotal and flawless structure.

The match with the Grange Imran Rosebud has given us three top sons, Lots 10, Lots 26 and Lot 47.  These sons are not all the same but are all quality young bulls.  Masterful M95 has extra frame and growth from his mum, a low birth weight and plenty of milk and a huge scrotal 48cm, from his dad.

He would be an asset to any herd.